See details below for your chance to WIN!!!

Church/Ministry Contest

Contest Start: Monday June 16th
Contest End: Sunday, June 30 9:00pm

Winner will be announced on Monday, July 1.

Church Contest: (Only 1 Church can win! So get your members involved!!)

The Winning Church will receive 10 FREE Registrations to Selah Worship Conference!
Through intimate training sessions your team will receive TOP training in audio leadership, worship leading, band spontaneity, ear training, vocal training, keyboard training, songwriting & more!!

Follow us on Facebook & Get 5 friends to “Share” this graphic including to qualify! Be sure to Include your church hashtag along with the #SelahConference hash tag! The church w/ the most shares after the initial qualifying 5 shares wins! Remember, only 1 church can win! So, get your church family involved!!

IMPORTANT: (Remember to include your church hashtag along with the #SelahConference hashtag when sharing the graphic. This is the only way we can track the number of shares for your ministry.)