9:00 a.m.Alan & Terrilyn Franklin
10:00 a.m.Jerry McQuay, Senior Pastor
12:00 p.m.Lunch
9:00 a.m.General Session
Worship - Atmosphere of Heaven
10:00 a.mSpeaker - Israel Houghton
12:00 p.m.Lunch
1:00 p.mSELAH CAFE:
Worship - Brandon Roberson

Beginning Keyboard - Review Major Chords, learn Minor Chords, Learn more songs

Advanced Keyboard - How to flow prophetically, learn chord patterns

Guitar - Understanding lead sheets

Vocal - Making a Song Your Own - Part I - This session will focus on introducing and utilizing Rhythm, Volume, Pitch, Tempo and Timbre (Tone) to add variance to a solo or choir selection.



Praise Dance 101 – Part Two - students will learn the origins of worship as it relates to dance, as well as, several basic dance techniques, forms, and patterns used in worship dance

Band Language - Ever wanted to tell the bassist “give me staccato” or the keyboardist “more melodic” or the drummer “half-time feel” or the guitarist “play minor 7th instead of major 7th”? Learn how to communicate with your band.
2:00 p.m.SELAH CAFE:
Teaching - Brandon Roberson

Beginning Keyboard - Inversions, Apply to songs

Advanced Keyboard - Improvising, Learn more songs

Guitar - Can you hear a song and play? Discover simple techniques

Making a Song Your Own Part II -Learn Additional tools to enhance the delivery of a song “out of your spirit”. This will include the proper usage of Improvisation and Ad-Lib.



Praise Dance 102 Part II - students will learn basic to intermediate dance steps, patterns, and forms that are specifically geared toward to developing team choreography during worship

Worship Leading - This session is for those who wish to keep their worship services fresh. Learn to partner and plan services with the senior pastor. We’ll also demonstrate the difference between performance & ministry? You’ll also learn to become an influential & effective leader. This class is specifically designed for worship leaders, music directors, choir directors and pastors.
3:00 p.m.SELAH CAFE:
A Call to Prayer

Beginning Keyboard - Augmented-Diminished Chords, Apply to songs

Advanced Keyboard - Transpose on the spot! Learn chord patters and how to modulate

Guitar - Improvising and soloing

Vocal Ensemble Practicum II - Continuation of Ensemble Practicum I with special emphasis on Teaching Parts and Basic Directing Techniques.

Bass - Slapping & popping techniques, fills, hammer-ons, etc…

Drums - Play in the “pocket”, learn fills and rolls. Learn why dynamics play an important role in any song

Prophetic Worship Part II - students will learn, through active participation, how to submit their spirit and individual dance vocabulary to the move of the Holy Spirit in word and in song

Audio - Learn how to set up, EQ and mix like a pro
7:00 p.m.Concert with Israel & New Breed
Please Note: This service will be at the Tinley Park Convention Center (location one mile west of Christian Life Center, on 183rd)