Selah Kids

Youth/Kids Boot Camp Mission

To train up minstrels, psalmist, and WORSHIPPERS. We will do this by focusing on Training in the Arts, Spiritual Growth.

Youth/Kids Camp Schedule

All campers should be dropped off each day at  Christian Hills Church at 9:00am.

Campers should be picked up at 4:00pm each day.

Camp schedule handouts will be provided on the first day of camp.

General Session

In this session, children receive tools intended to help them grow in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit while they worship. This will include coping skills for walking their faith out in school or whatever environment God leads them to. This is where the children will learn their response to God’s love for them.

Arts Tracks

Music – Children will learn about God’s love for them and their response to that love. They will sing, and play their instruments with excellence. Children will be assessed and will break into two groups (beginning or intermediate) level. To attend the intermediate level, children must either have been playing their instrument for a minimum of six months or be at an intermediate skill level.

Dance – For those that have a heart to dance prophetically. Children will need to wear dance clothes for this track.

For Parents

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”What do the fees include?”]
Food, class instruction, and supervision for the duration of the camp session. Instrument, and music theory classes taught by music instructors & music supplies for each child. The instructors and coaches include worship leaders and musicians from Muzicnet and Christian Musicians Boot Camp. Each child will have opportunities to participate in worship workshops and hands on class to practice what they learn.

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”What are the musical requirements for attending this track?”]
To register and attend this track, children must either have a desire to learn

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”What should my child bring to participate in the Worship Track?”]
Campers should bring their (keyboard, guitar, bass and drum sticks) personal instruments. Some keyboards and drum sets are provided.
Note: You will want to label everything! Many children bring similar items to camp, making it difficult to sort personal belongings when it’s time to go home. It is always best to label items with your child’s name, using labels or a permanent marker.

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”What is a typical day like for children participating in the Worship Track?”]
Campers attend classes in the morning and early afternoon for lessons in vocal, keys, ear training, and basic theory, and they participate in hands on group lessons for each instrument. In the mid-afternoon, they will spend time in the prayer and participate in hands on worship sets. The evening sessions are a come together each evening for worship, Bible teaching, and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit

  • spend time in the prayer, corporate worship and intercession
  • participate in electives (The Arts)
  • have fun in hands on activities

Youth will be divided into 4 groups each with their own daily schedule. All youth join together for the main sessions.
Youth Groups 10 or more group rates are available.

Registration includes Israel and New Breed Concert.

Selah Youth/Kids Camp

The Selah Youth/Kids Camp Experience is for ages 6 through 15 in a secure environment.

WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM: A signed Waiver and Release form is required to register minors under the age of 18 for this event. For your convenience, a link will be provided on your payment confirmation page that will direct you to the electronic waiver and release form.

Adults (ages 19+) are not allowed into youth or kids events unless a Selah Conference Volunteer. Chaperones must call 708-481-9870.