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Selah Conference isn’t just for musicians, there’s something for everyone! View our class descriptions and class details below:

Christian Musician Boot Camp

Hands on training moving from novice to advanced.

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Beginning Keyboard Track

Learn how to build major, minor chords. We’ll cover proper finger techniques and rhythm. You will also learn the major scales and how to play using the number system. By the end of the 3 days, you will know how to play at LEAST 25 songs!
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Advanced Keyboard Track

Contemporary “Worship” chords. “Gospel” chords. Minor scales and other modes and how to apply them. How to flow spontaneously-prophetically. Transpose on the spot! Learn chord progressions and how to modulate. Learn minor scales and other modes and how to apply them. Learn how to improvise and make your playing sound full. When a guest speaker sings a cappella and asks you to “join in”, what do you do? Learn how to hear and play.
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Guitar Track

Finger exercises, maximizing the fretboard, increase speed Tuning, strumming, picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bends. Play dozens of songs with ease, using basic chord patterns. Learn power chords, how to play in minor keys, how to use the pentatonic scale and other modes for improvising.
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Vocal Mechanics Track

Learn to identify, correctly utilize and maintain the health of the structures involved in singing. – Learn practical techniques/exercises designed to enhance your knowledge and skill in the areas of: Breath Control, Vocal Range and Tonal Memory. Learn how to harmonize with others & learn solo techniques. Hands-on application of ensemble and/or choir preparation. Teaching parts, choir directing techniques. Emphasis on establishing a good blend and finding the “sound of the house” for your ministry.
Be prepared to minister effectively by selecting the most appropriate songs for any aspect of the worship service. Learn how to effectively communicate with an accompanist both before and during your performance.
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Bass Track

From the Basics: Tuning techniques, learning the fretboard, finger excercises, scales… to transposing, using the number system, Slapping techniques. Develop relative pitch
Understanding and creating Walking bass lines. – Improvising within the chord structure of a song
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Drums Track

From beginning to advanced, learn to play in the “pocket”, learn fills and rolls. Learn why dynamics play an important role in any song.
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Songwriting Track

Write lyrics from the heart. Learn how to get your song produced. Writing music for your church. Also learn how to Build your Brand, How to market your brand. Should an artist have a Performance rate sheet?
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Audio Track

Learn how to set up, EQ and mix like a pro. Whether it’s a set-up for 30 people or 3000 people, learn the ins and outs of amps, microphones, recorders, digital/analog mixing boards, etc…
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Worship Leading Track

This session is for those who wish to keep their worship services fresh. Learn to partner and plan services with the senior pastor. We’ll also discuss the difference between performance &
Ministry. You’ll also learn how to become an influential & effective leader. Learn to keep organized using Planning Center Online. These sessions are specifically designed for worship leaders, music directors, choir directors and pastors.
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School of Worship Network

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Chicagoland Christian Songwriters Network

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Set aside these 3 days to Pause! Inhale His presence and exhale passion!