About G.r.o.w.t.h Ministries international

„Growth Ministries International (GMI) was established as a 501c3 in 2010 to allow greater diversity in fund development options for The Selah Conference and an avenue for providing scholarships to at risk and underserved youth to receive quality education at Muzicnet and other schools of music.

„Alan & Terrilyn Franklin –  GMI Executive Directors

„Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 12.56.33 PMAlan Franklin was born in Chicago into a musical family of twelve children and raised by two amazing parents.  Alan & his siblings performed in their parents’ church, singing and playing a variety of musical instruments. He worked in corporate America for awhile,  but in 1995, Alan and his twin brother Aaron founded the Muzicnet Performing Arts School with locations in Park Forest and Chicago’s south side.

„To date, over 5000 students have taken music and performing art classes at the Muzicnet

„Among those who have attended Muzicnet are Jennifer Hudson (singer), KeKe Palmer (actress), Christian Allison (jazz musician) and Vashawn Mitchell (gospel recording artist).

„Alan and his team have contributed to the economic development and growth of several south suburban villages by contributing bands, sponsoring youth groups, providing workshops, hosting special events, and giving 100’s of scholarships to children who cannot afford the school’s tuition.

„Alan is the musical director at his church, Christian Life Center in Blue Island, IL and has traveled to Turkey and Senegal for the purposes of encouraging others in their Christian faith walk through concerts and workshops.

„Author of Secrets to Hearing Music and Learning Gospel Piano/Organ by Ear.

„Alan & Terrilyn have been married 25 years. They founded the SELAH CONFERENCE in 2005: an annual three-day gathering of worshippers from around the world. They have four very talented daughters who also serve in ministry.


Key Issues for GMI to Address:Picture3

  • Low Income Schools lack arts program and funding for arts program.
  • Many churches struggle to have consistent musicians who are minstrels and seeking the heart of God.
  • Worship Leaders & Musicians are broken and depleted and struggling financial.
  • Help children all over the world know their God given purpose and learn to love God and serve him through music.
  • Be an alterative to violence in communities.
  • Capital is very limited so planning and marketing the Selah Conference is limited and/or non -existent. GMI relies heavily on volunteers to execute the Selah Conference. Part-Time and/or Full Time Staff is a necessity for the organization and conference to grow and fulfill mission/goals.

Where GMI IS HEADED Enlarged Territory

Key GMI Initiatives

  • Establish permanent GMI office space & brand (logo, website, office equipment & supplies, social media)
  • Hire Key GMI Team Members
  • Launch Instrument Donation Program
  • Launch Selah Online Webinar
  • Launch annual Fundraising Gala
  • Launch Selah Worship University/ 9 month internship
  • Long term Goal – Accredited University

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Individual Donor Levels

Platinum Friend of GMI – $5,000

Gold Friend of GMI – $2,500

Silver Friend of GMI – $1,250

Bronze Friend (Concert) of GMI – $1,000

Classroom Friend of GMI – $500

Friend of GMI  – $25


Donor Recognition

Recognition on GMI & Selah Website

Acknowledgement of gifts at events as appropriate

Invitations to events as appropriate

Annual Reports

Donor e-newsletters

Tax Write-off for Charitable Contribution

Mail Check Payment to:

307 Main Street
Park Forest, IL 60466


  • „Giving to GMI helps to create a strong support system for musicians worldwide
  • „Giving to GMI will help train children and adults in their musical gift, locally, nationally, and globally.
  • „Giving to GMI will help build healthy musicians/minstrels, their marriages and children.
  • „Giving to GMI affect generations to come, advance God’s kingdom, and prayerfully save thousands upon thousands as they are impacted by various ministries.

„Tom & Kristie Trowbridge
Markaska 1 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia 

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Hi guys. My wife and I attended Musicians Worship Workshop in the summer of 2012 I think. My wife signed up for the drummers class and I took the keyboard track. We had never heard of the workshop and were invited to attend just hours before the event. Neither of us have any musical training to speak of beyond being Christians that loved to sing and appreciate. Words are insufficient to describe, but God will reward you at the appropriate time and place for all you’ve done for the Kingdom. We are entering our 15th year as missionaries to a Muslim country. The training we received we have shared with the house churches around us so that each fellowship would have a rich worship opportunity. We’ve taught several nationals the techniques we synthesized from such a short experience. The result has been nothing short of life changing for the local body of believers here. We now have people serving as worship leaders that never dreamed or believed they could play or lead. Personally I’m not sure my wife and I could or would continue to survive as missionaries without the gift of worship we received. Thanks for your investment in us. We are rarely in America, but one of these days we would like to attend again and soak up more. Attached is a picture of us and some of the house churches that we help facilitate. You guys unlocked an unknown place in our hearts and we started playing and leading worship. We went from no musicians in our fellowships to 10 in just a couple of years. All of them new from scratch. From young to old they continue to blossom as they lead worship more their talents continue to amaze us as well as our own ear for music and playing. Thanks

Blessings to you all!