Why Selah

In the natural inhaling sends oxygen to the heart which in turn spreads oxygen to the rest of the body via the blood. And exhaling sends all of the deadly carbon doixide (CO2) out because too much carbon dioxide (CO2) will kill you.


I remember when I began serving in the local church and my community. My only desire was to please the Lord. I looked forward to every time the church doors open; then I discovered my gifts and talents. This was an opportunity to do more and worship God while doing it….I realized we are ALL, first and foremost, worshippers. Our duty as worshippers is to serve, and whatever our hands find to do, just do it. Admittedly, we sometimes get too busy, jaded, perhaps discouraged by either our own inadequacies or perhaps one of our team members or co-laborer lets us down. On the other hand, there are times we just need a good old refreshing…revival.


Selah Conference is a time set aside for those that serve in the local church, music ministry, family or Body of Christ, to pause, stop, think, and reflect on what you have heard. We chose the musical symbol fermata. It means to hold a particular note(s) just a little longer than its regular beat. And that’s our prayer for you. While you’re at this conference, we want you to pause…breathe…inhale the presence of God….then exhale as you leave in three days, with a renewed passion to serve. While you’re at this conference, put your regular duties on “hold” for just three days. You’ll be marching to a new beat when you leave.


“Selah” is found in the book of Psalm 71 times, and is from the primary Hebrew root word “calah”, which means “to hang”, and by implication, to measure or weigh. Selah gives instruction to pause, carefully examine, weigh, and value what has been said.

Well, in the spiritual sense inhaling God’s oxygen, which is His presence, works in the same way as in the natural. It sends spiritual oxygen into your body and soul via your spirit, bringing refreshing and restoring spiritual life and hunger.


As we exhale in His presence we rid our bodies of the toxins that caused us to be driven, frustrated, burned out and left us with a lack of joy. We exchange those deadly toxins for a new or renewed Godly passion that restores balance and health; that empowers us to carry out our God-Given assignments! We cannot live without His presence! We cannot breathe without His presence!


To equip churches and individuals by empowering them with hands on skills, leadership/ministry mentoring and a place of refreshing to serve in church and family. Selah.